Lab Members


Dr. Saer Samanipour

Principal Investigator (PI)

Dr Samanipour, currently, is an assistant professor of Analytical Chemistry at Van't Hoff Institute for Molecular Science (HIMS), University of Amsterdam. Additionally, he is an honorary senior fellow at The Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS) of the University of Queensland, Australia (UQ). Prior to CMS-L, he was a research scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) working on application of non-target screening in environmental sciences. 
HIMS, QAEHSScholar, ORCID, Researchgate


UvA Graduate Students


Denice van Herwerden

PhD Candidate

Research Interest: Chemometrics, Data analysis, Method optimization. 
     Denice mainly works on the HRMS data processing toolbox project.


External Graduate Students


Youngjoon Jeon

PhD Candidate at QAEHS

His research entails characterising archived environmental and human biomonitoring samples with high resolution mass spectrometric methods.


Bastian Schulze

PhD candidate at QAEHS

His PhD focuses on non-target screening in combination with high resolution mass spectrometry.